Independent machine learning researcher currently based in Irvine, California, specializing in neuromorphic computing and AI accelerator hardware


My current interests involves investigating our modern understanding of cortical columns to design novel neural networks that can solve dynamic problems requring continuous learning. The development of intelligent machines will not only lead to advancements in health care through a better understanding of brain cognition, but is existentially important in continuing our legacy as a human species in gathering knowledge and exploring the universe.


Energy generation from fabric electrochemistry (with C. Sen, A. Kiourti, S. Steiner, P. D. Ghatak, R. Vilkhu, A. C. Co, S. Prakash and V. V. Subramaniam) Patent No. US20200006783A1 (2020)

Self-regulating chaotic signal source (with 李春彪, 徐玉杰, 赵益波 and 梅永) Patent No. CN107317668B (2020)

Simple three-dimensional amplitude modulable chaotic signal generator (with 李春彪, 王雄, 胡文) Patent No. CN105846991B (2018)

Univariate controlled analog gating circuit (with 李春彪 and 朱焕强) Patent No. CN106100630B (2018)

AM hyperchaotic signal source (with 李春彪, 胡文 and 王雄) Patent No. CN105871535B (2018)


Abnormal hump in low temperature in SiGe devices with silicon capping insertion layer (with W. Huang, et al.) Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (2021)

Naturalizing Neuromorphic Vision Event Streams Using GANs (with D. Robey, H. Iu and J.K. Eshraghian), 2021 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (2021)

A Simple Memristive Jerk System (with C. Li, J.C. Sprott and Z. Gu), IET Circuits, Devices & Systems (2021)

Live Demonstration: Video-to-Spike Conversion Using a Real-Time Retina Cell Network Simulator (with J.K. Eshraghian, S. Baek, Y. Sandamirskaya, H.H.C. Iu and W. Lu), 2020 IEEE Artificial Intelligence Circuits and Systems Conference, Milan, Italy, March 2020, p. 131 (2020)

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Power Generation for Wearable Electronics: Designing Electrochemical Storage on Fabrics (with R. Vilkhu, P. D. Ghatak, C. K. Sen, A. C. Co, A. Kiourti) IEEE Access, 6. (2018) TechHub award article

Constructing Infinitely Many Attractors in a Programmable Chaotic Circuit (with C. Li, J. C. Sprott, H. H. C. Iu, and Y. Xu), IEEE Access 6, 29003-29012 (2018) Download FPAA files

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Ex-situ and In-situ Observations of the Effects of gamma radiation on lithium ion battery performance (with C. Tan, N.H. Bashian, C.W. Hemmelgarn, D.J. Lyons, Y.F. Zheng, L.R. Cao and A.C. Co), Journal of Power Sources 357: 19-25 (2017)

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Bistability in a Hyperchaotic System with a Line Equilibrium (with C. Li and J.C Sprott), Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics 118, 494-500 (2014)



M.S Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Michigan (2022)
B.S Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ohio State University (2018)


Winner of Ohio State University’s Next Generation Innovator Award of 2019 (Video)

Semi-finalist for "Use it!" category Lemelson-MIT Student Prize for 2018
Winner of Tech Hub 2017 Student Project Grant (Won $4000 of funding for project: "A New Generation of Flexible Batteries)"


AI accelerator research using Memristor/RRAM devices at the University of Michigan with Prof. Wei Lu – Worked on implementing the "Thousand Brains theory", an algorithm describing how intelligence works, on RRAM crossbars to explore possible improvements in performance (Sept 2018 – May 2022)
Electrochemistry research at the Ohio State University with Prof. Anne Co - Developed fabric batteries for wearable technology and hydrogen peroxide generator. Filed patent applications (July 2016 – August 2018)
Internship at National Taiwan University with the Solid-State Laser Crystal and Device Research Group with Prof. Sheng-Lung Huang : Constructed a Ti:Sapphire laser cavity with wavelength tuning (May 2016 – June 2016)
Internship in Catania, Italy at Universit degli Studi di Catania with the Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica Elettronica ed Information with Prof. Mattia Frasca: Studied chaotic circuits and published “A Simple Chaotic Flow with a Continuously Adjustable Attractor Dimension” (May 2015)

Invited talks

An Introduction to Memristors, Chaos and Complexity Seminar, Madison, Wisconsin (September 2015)
Chaos for the Home Electronics Lab, Chaos and Complexity Seminar, Madison, Wisconsin (March 2015)


Session Chair, IEEE International Symposium on Circuits & Systems, Virtual (October 2020)

Professional Development

Neural Networks and Deep Learning, Coursera MOOC by deeplearning.ai, [Certificate] (November 2020)
Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization, Coursera MOOC by deeplearning.ai, [Certificate] (November 2020)